Thursday, April 2, 2009

What do you want to know?

For my 200th post I thought it would be fun to open the floor to reader questions. I tried this one other time, but I think all 5 of my readers were related to me.

So, what do you want to know? I'm ready to tell you!

I will start off with the one I am sure you will all ask...

Are you really this funny in "real" life?
Totally. I am so funny that sometimes I hyper-ventilate laughing before I even say stuff because I know how funny it will be. Sometimes I even make other people laugh. I love to entertain. However, I am SUPER sarcastic, so people with no sense of humor who don't understand that, think I am mean.

I will leave this up while I am in Egypt (yyyeeeaaahhhh!) and after posting about the trip, I should be to 200. A week should give you plenty of time to think of questions, right? See you when we get back! I'll miss you guys!


Lisa said...

Hm, I think we have more in common than it originally seemed. We are now up to disliking hugs and home schoolers and being so sarcastic that people often think we're being mean.

These are three fairly random things - I'm glad I have someone to share them with. :)

. Becca . said...

Safe trip, girlie!

Lindsey said...

SO jealous, have an amazingly safe and wonderful time!!

Cole said...

Travel safe! I'm sure I'll think of something to ask you by the time you come back. :-)

Sarah said...

-why don't you like dogs?
-did you always want to be a teacher?
-did you ever dream you;d be a military wife before you met your hubby?
- how did you meet? (you can copy paste if this has been answered!)
-can you take me (and possibly Will) for some house hunting since Wills sponsor sucks...I can get a list of availables:)

JohnsonFamily said...

Are you and Jordan involved in a church in Germany?

Betty said...

Did you decide what you will be doing next school year? Work full time and study or just do "subbing"?

J said...

have a safe trip! I'll think about some good questions and post later :)

FROGGITY! said...

have a blast!! this is so funny, i just posted a post to let people know that i changed my posting name and also asked them to question me!

so my Q for you? where is your FAVORITE place in the world??

Ashley said...

Okay... I was going to ask you where is your favorite place you've been so since that has already been asked I'll go this route:

Where would you like to travel that you have not been yet?

Another one?

After two years of marriage and lots of pregnant friends at this moment, I'm starting to get the baby bug. Are you? Are there plans on when you will bring a little one to your ever-changing world??

New Girl on Post said...

What made you decide to get your MLS?

What kind of librarian do you want to be?

Sara said...

I'm curious about your travels, where you've been, where you'd like to go, and what places you suggest to others. All of this may have already been answered, I just haven't read it.

Nikki said...

Ditto on why don't you like dogs? Bad experience? Too needy? Also, do you happen to remember when we had speech together in high school and you pulled my chair out from underneath me when I went to sit down? HA! I think it was the first day of my freshman year. Wow. Long time ago. I remembered that and I think it describes you pretty well. Ha.

Laura said...

You are mean. Trust me on this. You've always been a brat. Remember that time you hit my friend over the head with your toy broom? Yup, mean.

Ok, let's see if I have any questions
- what's something you did and never told the 'rents about?
- what's your favorite memory of us together as kids? least favorite?
- how much did you pay people to be a follower of your blog? I can't believe 126 people admit to following you!

Have a great trip! Feel free to buy me and the kids cool stuff. By the way, I plan to scrapbook all the neat treasures you've sent Beth while you've been overseas. Keep 'em coming so I have enough!
Love you!

The Rest is Still Unwritten said...

Have fun in Egypt! I'm so jealous. And by the way, I'm so not realted to you and I definitely participated in you last question-answer session!

My question: How much do you miss me and how much are looking forward to margaritas and mexican food with me for your bday?!

Allison said...

Would you ever audition for So You Think You Can Dance?

Are y'all planning to do the military gig for life?

If so, where do you think you'll go next? If not, are you moving back to Texas?

Finally, a three-part question:
a) Did you know that the servers at our Chili's get paid $8/hr (plus tips)?
b) Do you think that is ridiculous considering how crappy the service is there?
c) Armed with this knowledge do you plan to reduce the amount that you leave for tips there? (I have.)

Mrs. Smith said...

Okay! Here are my questions:

1. Where has the military taken you so far, besides Germany?
2. Where would you LIKE the military to take you?
3. Is your husband career military?
4. What is your husband's MOS?

Hope you're having an amazing time in Egypt!!!

kd said...

Ok, hmmm.

Do you like cheese? If so, what's your favorite kind?

What style would your dream house be in?

Favorite museum/historical site you've ever visited?

Most treasured item of clothing? (Wedding dress excluded)

White meat or dark meat?

High Heels & Combat Boots said...

I'm still a bit concerned over the hugs situation. Can you explain this?

Jaime said...

if texas was suddenly given to mexico and no longer a state, where would you want to live?

how horribly would you freak out if Nancy Pelosi became Prez?

do you love or hate sean hannity?

jlc said...

Ahhh my bff just got back from Cairo!! Enjoy enjoy!!!

Take lots of pics with the pyramids so that I can live vicariously through you.. ok? :)

jlc said...

PS I heart your sarcasm. Never change to please others. Or I will kick your derriere!!

ABW said...

How fun, how fun, how fun! Can't wait to see pictures!!!

J said...

What is your most embarrasing moment? I bet it is good.

If degrees and education (and every other obstacle)were no object and you could have the career of your dreams....what would that be? Where would that be?

If you could talk to your 16 year old self and give her a piece of advice...what you tell her?

Julie said...

Casey, I hope you are having fun and not getting sick in Egypt! Zach and I went right after we had Eli... not sure what we were thinking, but both Zach and Eli got sick. We went to a clinic there and they put a shot right into Eli's butt...and didn't tell us what was going on... scary and I was so mad. But he stopped throwing up and that was a HUGE blessing.

Thanks for all your kind words of support, encouragement and prayers for me and my little guy. We appreciate it and are blessed by you! Thanks.

~*~AidensMommy~*~ said...

how happy are you that a) jordan was at the mall that day in december and b) you were working at the Gap the same day?

do you know where y'all will be stationed after Germany?

other than Jamaica where is y'all's favorite vacation spot?

what was it about jordan that set him apart from other guys and made you feel, 'this is the man i want to spend the rest of my life with?'

have y'all thought about what you're going to do when you finally get to spend a wedding anniversary together?

New Girl on Post said...

I thought of another one.

What celeb do you think you look most like? And..what celeb would you want to play you in a movie of your life?

ShibaMomma said...

How much longer are yall in Germany?

Miss Adventure said...

Love your blog!

~*~AidensMommy~*~ said...

a few more:

did you always dream of having a destination wedding?

which of the following best describes your thoughts towards your ex: he was someone i (you) cared about very much and still wish him's in the past, so it doesn't, let's not go there

do you think you'll be able to make it to our 10 yr hs reunion?

do you have to get (for lack of a better word) permission to leave base, or can you fly home to visit whenever you want/ feel REEEEEAAAALLLLLYYYY homesick?

Claysen said...

Have fun! Love your blog - from Oregon!

~*~AidensMommy~*~ said...

what is the most unforgivable thing a person could do/say to you and/or those you love?

did you have any idea jordan was going to propose or did he catch you completely off guard?

what is a common misconception people have of you?

Jill said...

Casey! I completely missed the "what do you want to know" post. I hope it's not too late to ask a few questions???

How did you meet Jordan?

Where did you go to school? (if you don't mind saying)

What is your favorite restaurant in Houston?