Monday, April 13, 2009

Anyone there?

In case you are still reading and want to know even more about me, here are the answers to your work, school, and family related questions.

Did you decide what you will be doing next school year? Work full time and study or just do "subbing"?
Asked by Betty
Honestly, I still haven’t decided. Although, every morning when I get up at 6am, I decide not to work next year :) Ha!

What made you decide to get your MLS? Asked by Melissa
I love teaching, and my favorite part of teaching by far is the Language Arts aspect. I was lucky enough to have an awesome Library Science class in my undergrad that made me realize the possibilities of being a librarian. I can’t wait to share my love of books with even more kids. And a bonus? No papers to grade!

What kind of librarian do you want to be?
Asked by Melissa
I want to be a librarian in an elementary school.

Did you always want to be a teacher? Asked by Sarah
I think it was always in the back of my mind. Both my mom and sister were teachers. I also considered being a flight attendant. I would still totally do that. Maybe if Jordan gets a year long deployment one day...

Do you happen to remember when we had speech together in high school and you pulled my chair out from underneath me when I went to sit down?
Asked by Nikki
Is it bad that I don’t remember that at all? I must have tortured so many people I can’t remember. Total mean girl. I apologize!

If degrees and education (and every other obstacle)were no object and you could have the career of your dreams....what would that be? Where would that be? Asked by Jeri (who needs a blog!)
This may sound cheesy, but I already do. I love teaching. Making a difference in the lives of kids is very rewarding. Every now and then I talk to kids I taught 2 years ago, and they STILL think about things I taught them. It’s great to know I will be with them for life- in a positive way! The only other thing I might do is a travel show. I think that would be super fun!

Do you think you'll be able to make it to our 10 yr hs reunion?
Asked by Jasmin
Only 3 more years to go. How crazy is that?!? I will try my best. It will be fun to see everyone. Although, I probably have a lot of apologizing to do (see Nikki’s question above).

What is the most unforgivable thing a person could do/say to you and/or those you love?
Asked by Jasmin
As a Christian, we have to forgive. However, anyone who hurts the people I love is hard to forget.

What's something you did and never told the 'rents about?
Asked by Laura (my sis)
Nothing. I was/am the perfect child. Okay, well I didn’t tell mom about the fact that we got progress reports for 6 years. I hid every single one of them. Not for grades, but for behavior (naturally). Too bad she found them when I moved to college. Ha!

What's your favorite memory of us together as kids? least favorite? Laura again...
I think Christmas Eve was my favorite time. I really loved our sleep overs and playing games until we could open presents. I miss that!

Least favorite? Every other moment of my life. You tortured me.

Where did you go to school? Asked by Jill
I went to undergrad at Sam Houston State and Texas State (where I was a Strutter). I loved both of them, but Sam Houston was the best fit for me. They aren’t kidding when they say Texas State is a party school. I will be getting my Master’s from University of North Texas.

Just Casey (make sure to say it like 'just jack' from Will and Grace) and Jordan questions still to come. Oh yes, and tomorrow I will tell you how my neighbor is making me fat.


Lindsey said...

Good post! I enjoyed learning more about you!

~*~AidensMommy~*~ said...

time has flown by since high school...a few months ago, when I was getting my son's CHIP benefits renewed, I swear this girl I saw looked almost exactly like you, kind of like she could be your younger sister

Jennifer said...

If I had readers that cared enough to ask, I'd do one of these posts too!!! :)

Cole said...

Good post! Aren't you glad you have so many inquiring readers?

Sondre Lyn said...

What great pictures from your trip! I am so jealous! That isn't a part of the world I had ever thought about traveling. My daughter, however, would love to go there. I hope she gets to go, and maybe I will get to go with her!

Andrea said...

Hmmm..what is Texas State? I went to UT-Austin, and I thought I was familiar with universities in Texas! I will have to G@@gle it. The next thing you know it will be your 15 or 20 year reunion. they creep up on you. Eeeekk.

Andrea said...

You are quick! Okay, so why did they change their name. And yes, they did have that rep as a party school. I remember going to several parties there when I lived in Austin. Those were the days....

J said... 20 year reunion is NEXT YEAR in 2010. Damn I am old :) When did that happen?

What makes you say I need a blog? What is your professional advice, for bloggin'? I actually have started one and have kept it hidden form view until I figure out what to do with it. You say you dislike rambling posts....what does that mean?

Oooooh.....that should be a new question or even a stand alone post. Blogging advice for Dummies! Detailed info for starting your own blog. That cold start some business for you and your blog design stuff!

Hannah Noel said...

I secretly want to be a flight attendant too!

J said...

btw..I just realized that I went to go pick up kiddo from school and left my computer on....on your blog. It left me wondering, would it show up that I was on your blog for a decade? It might have reset...but I forget at what point. So you do not have a crazy person wondering your blog for hours. Just an absent minded Mom. Duh.

Nikki said...

A little warning: Ny mom calculated that it takes 10+ hours a week to shelve all the books the kiddos turn in! No grades but still TONS of time consuming things to do. I want my MLS too though!

J said...

I came back to check out your Blue Star Blog stuff.

Kristen said...

Is Laura your sister or a good friend from back in the day?

J.J. said...

Hi there "Just Casey"
Jeri here aka "J"
Well I started a blog. Hope you don't think it is crap :)

Sarah said...

haha! YAY! I am so glad I can laugh at Allisons question about Chilis! I can;t believe that guy told Jordan he had to ask his server for honey mustard...ALSO- I am glad you don't HATE Keara:)