Wednesday, April 15, 2009

And I'm Spent...

And now I bring you the last installment of questions. This round covers everything you wanted to know about Jordan and I. Thanks for sticking with me!

How did you meet? Asked by Sarah
Depends on who you ask I suppose. Jordan has a totally different (totally untrue) recollection of that day. I was working in the Gap and Jordan came in with a friend. I had just gotten out of a relationship, but he looked cute and I figured it would be fun for a little while. We had a mutual friend that worked at the Gap also, and he gave Jordan my number. Jordan called the next day and the rest is history. :)

Are you and Jordan involved in a church in Germany?
Asked by Meagan
We are, of course! We looked around for churches as soon as we could, and found a baptist church we liked. While it’s nothing like Sagemont, we like it, and we have met some great friends. Now, I teach in the school there.

After two years of marriage and lots of pregnant friends at this moment, I'm starting to get the baby bug. Are you? Are there plans on when you will bring a little one to your ever-changing world?? Asked by Ashley
I had the first thought about POSSIBLY wanting to have a baby recently. It scared me, but also made me glad. Before then I was totally anti-baby. :) However, with the military life, it takes a good deal of planning. Maybe in a few years... (My mother in law wants 6 already.)

What style would your dream house be in?
Asked by KD
Southern plantation home, easily. We both love a long driveway with huge trees on either side leading to a big white house with columns, a porch, and painted shutters. Mmmmm. While we are moving every 3 years, I will settle for a house without stuff broken by the movers. Ha!

Did you have any idea jordan was going to propose or did he catch you completely off guard? Asked by Jasmin
I bugged him to tell me when he would do it. He finally caved. I bought an outfit, got my nails done, and watched Father of the Bride while I waited for him to pick me up. I’m not a fan of surprises, so it was perfect for me. I was surprised by all the effort he put into it though. He even reserved the same table where we had our 3rd date 2 years prior.

Did you always dream of having a destination wedding? Asked by Jasmin
Not at all. It never even entered my mind. As we were beginning to plan our wedding, and realized Jordan would want 9000 guests and 12 groomsman, we realized it was too big for our tastes. His mom suggested a destination wedding and it went from there. It was SO easy, super special, and I recommend it to anyone!

What was it about jordan that set him apart from other guys and made you feel, 'this is the man i want to spend the rest of my life with? Asked by Jasmin
Jordan is a strong Christian leader who makes me feel valued and important. We share the same values (sometimes we joke that we share the same brain!) and outlook on life. He was the first guy to tell me I was pretty, and he still does- every single day. I feel lucky to have him. Trying to find only one thing that makes him special is impossible, there are too many!

Have y'all thought about what you're going to do when you finally get to spend a wedding anniversary together?
Asked by Jasmin
We are celebrating in Berlin the weekend before! Neither of us have been there yet, so it will be really fun.

Which of the following best describes your thoughts towards your ex: he was someone i (you) cared about very much and still wish him's in the past, so it doesn't, let's not go there. Asked by Jasmin
I cared about him very much, and wish him well. He is happily married with a little one and I am very glad. We broke up on good terms. Not because we didn’t care about each other, but because we knew that getting married was not in God’s plan for us. Standing up for what I believed in (Biblically speaking) was a huge step for me, and I wouldn’t change that learning experience for anything. I also appreciate Jordan more because of him.


Jon and Steph said...

Oh I would love a Southern plantation home!!

Brienne said...

I loved all the questions and answers.

New Girl on Post said...

I want a plantation house too! One where I can sip mint juleps on the porch and relax.

Geo B said...

Don't let anyone (especially in-laws) pressure you about kids. You will never feel really ready (and if you do you've missed something) but it should if at all possible be when you aren't in school, etc.

Then again, most people don't plan their kids ;-)
Thanks for all the great Q&A, it was very interesting. We need to talk more about Egypt, we are going for Thankgiving.

Jaime said...

i enjoyed this post, it wasn't too nauseating... all the sweet stuff. just the right amount of mushiness. now i miss my hubby even more. darn!
(do they even have southern plantation homes in texas or will yours stick out like a sore thumb? maybe you should consider the original "T" state and move to Tennessee.... hahahaha!)

Sondre Lyn said...

Dreaming of a home without broken stuff... Ha! Cracks me up!

I have a really hard time believing Jordan was the first man to tell you that you are pretty! :D No Way! LOL

~*~AidensMommy~*~ said...

The q & a was neat; I did think of more questions, which I guess will wait...unless you wanna know what they are now

Hannah Noel said...

I sooo wish I could toss in the towel and have a destination wedding.
And I feel exactly the same way about plantation houses!

The Rest is Still Unwritten said...

Um, you totally stalked Jordan...that's how you met! Haha! Even though I wish you had a HUGE wedding, it looked perfect for you guys!

The Mrs. said...

ooooh a plantation house.... hey it would fit all the kids your mil is hoping for. And maybe even some spare room for sanity. Althought once the kids come that goes.

your husband sounds like a great guy : )