Sunday, April 12, 2009

200 Posts!

Due to the overwhelming (and by that I mean more than 2 people) response to my request for questions, I will split them into several posts. I had a lot of fun answering them, so thanks for asking!

These questions are about travel and the military, two HUGE parts of our lives!

Did you ever dream you'd be a military wife before you met your hubby?
Asked by Sarah (who I get to meet tomorrow!)
Not at all! Even when Jordan and I started dating, it never was an option. We dated about 3 years before the military possibility even came up!

Where is your FAVORITE place in the world?? Asked by Froggity
Now this is a tough question! My favorite place for scenery is Santorini. I can’t even describe the feeling of sitting in a cafe and enjoying that place! For cities, I loved Paris. It was magical, as cheesy as that sounds. For everything else- Houston. You can’t beat being around family, friends, good weather, and even better- Mexican food!

Where would you like to travel that you have not been yet? Asked by Ashley
Anywhere! I am up for seeing anything. It’s all an awesome experience. In the next year and a half, we have planned to see: Berlin, Munich, Austria, Prague, London, Thailand, Barcelona, Auschwitz, Scotland, and Florence.

Where you've been, where you'd like to go, and what places you suggest to others? Asked by Sara
Like I said, every place is an experience. I suggest that everyone travel as much as possible. Traveling has changed my outlook on a lot of things. In Egypt, I cemented my desire to be fluent in more languages. In the states, it’s easy to get “US-centric.” Travel can broaden your horizons.

Where have I been? Oh man! I will list countries to save time! Jamaica, Germany, France, Ireland, Poland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Sicily, Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Croatia, and Slovenia.

Favorite museum/historical site you've ever visited? Asked by KD
Egypt! Does that count? It was like a huge open air museum. Everything was so accessible. It was nice to be able to be so close to everything, unlike in a traditional museum. I also was glad to be able to visit Dachau, a concentration camp. While it wasn’t a happy stop, it was important to see.

Are y'all planning to do the military gig for life? Asked by Allison and Mrs. Smith
As of now, yes. Jordan enjoys his job, and retiring at the age of 45 looks nice too. The military has been good to us so far!

Where do you think you'll go next? Are you moving back to Texas?
Asked by Allison and Jill and Jasmin
We have been here for almost 2 years, and have one more to go. No idea where we will move next. Most likely Jordan will go somewhere for a year, and I will move to Houston or to our next station. If they move us to North Dakota, I’m not going! No more cold!

Where has the military taken you so far, besides Germany? Asked by Mrs. Smith
This is it! Other than a 6 week stent in Alabama and a few months for J in San Antonio, we have been here. Not a bad way to start. :)

Where would you LIKE the military to take you?
Asked by Mrs. Smith
For the short term, we have put down all warm places. Texas, Florida, Hawaii. Any of those are fine with me :) Long term, we would love to get into the attache (Embassy) world. Working somewhere super cool. Hopefully in a Spanish country. We are working on learning Spanish better.

What is your husband's MOS? Asked by Mrs. Smith
I have no idea what this means. Okay, Jordan says it’s a job title in Army terms. I guess the Air Force calls it something else! He is in logistics. Moving things and people to where they need to go. Right now, he is an exec (to a WONDERFUL boss!) and in a month or so he will start as a flight commander of something.

Do you have to get (for lack of a better word) permission to leave base, or can you fly home to visit whenever you want/ feel REEEEEAAAALLLLLYYYY homesick?
Asked by Jasmin
No permission needed. Just time of a work and the money to buy a ticket. (Space A is difficult for non-East cost locations) I will be home this summer for the first time in a year. I can’t wait!

Hopefully you learned a little more about me. More to come tomorrow! Enjoy your Easter, and remember- HE IS RISEN!


J said...

Thanks for being such a good sport about answering the questions. How fun. Career AF is good :) Here's hoping you don't have to go to ND. Brrr. Florida (Cape Canaveral) was nice :) All of it is only temporary anyway. It is a crazy life of change....but you will do what you have to do. Colorado Springs maybe?

Looking forward to the other answers in your upcoming posts :)

J said...

Oh yea! Happy Easter! HE IS RISEN INDEED!

Mrs. Jetplane said...

ND - Minot? yeah its cold up there... we may end up in Moutain Home Idaho... the hubby is happy about that, i on the other hand.. not so much. we could also end up in england, we'll know after he finishes class in NC.

oh the joys of military life. it wasn't in the cards for us in the beginning either. just a happy surprise I guess...

enjoyed looking at all your pics.

High Heels & Combat Boots said...

Logistics is what Josh did when he was in the Air Guard! He hated it, but he is still great friends with a lovely Creole man that went to AIT with him!!

Full of Heart said...

He is risen indeed! Sorry, couldn't help myself.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

You seem to be really happy!! That's great!!

Stacey said...

I really enjoyed reading your answers!!! My husband took his troops to Dachau for a day when he was stationed in Ansbach. Such an eye-opening place...

You are sooo not kidding when you said Mexican food is a fav Texas thing of yours. I'm in COMPLETE agreement!!! :)

Laura said...

He is risend indeed! (How do all these other people know to respond that way?)
Beth's verse this week at Awana (and the Hobby Lobby ad today): "He is not here, for He is risen, as He said" Matthew 28:6

jlc said...

First time in a year!! Wow I don't think I could ever do that. Then again, my hubby hasn't been home for a year so never say never!


No cheese there! Orr hmmmm.... that's not true at all.

Mrs. Smith said...

Thanks for all the answers! And oops, I totally forgot Jordan is Air Force...I am clearly Army-centric. My bad!!!!!! :)

Ashley said...

I don't think I realized you were in my home state for a while. Learn something new everyday. ;)

Kristen said...

I love the question and answers. It makes putting the pieces of the Casey puzzle together so much easier. :)

FROGGITY! said...

thanks for answering these questions!!! has been fun reading!! (sorry, i am behind, have been a bad blogger this week... eeekk!) hope you have a very happy weekend!

. Becca . said...

AAAAAAAAALL those Q's & A's were so fun to read! :)