Thursday, November 27, 2008

Worst. Week. Ever.

Saturday- Go to German house store to look for curtain rods. Only rods that will fit our needs are mega expensive. And I forgot the VAT form.

Sunday- On my way to a friend's house it is snowing. I am being extra careful as I have no idea how to drive in snow. I go around a corner, slide all around. I freak out and try to hit the brakes. Not helping. I hit a curb, hard. I try to drive back home, but can't even get the car to grip the road. I pull over and call Jordan and a tow truck. I believe the appropriate soundtrack to play in your head for this day would be "Jesus Take the Wheel."

Monday- Car repair place says I broke the control arm. Expensive part. Great.

Tuesday- Freeze all night while sleeping, not realizing heat has gone out. Try to take a shower, realize heat is out because there is not hot water. So, Jordan and I pack up to head to his work to shower. (Ya know, since we are now down to one car, we go together.) I go in and realize the doors are clear. What's the point crazy Germans? Then, I turn the water on, and all the water starts coming out from under the doors. Great. Then, I realize I forgot a towel. Yep.

Wednesday- Landlord and boyfriend(s) paint the living room. When I get home, I realize it is gray. Prison gray. It is supposed to be taupe. I was NOT going for the Alcatraz look.

Thursday- Cooking my first Thanksgiving dinner without family. First, I screw up the sweet potatoes. But, I do manage to cook a green bean casserole. Did I mention Jordan was helping? Did I mention my kitchen is tiny? Did I mention I don't cook? Mmm. Yes. Then- THE FREAKING OVEN GOES OUT! At this point, I decide laying on the floor, kicking my feet, and screaming "I hate my life!" is the only option. Jordan is driving to a friend's house to borrow an oven now.

And for additional whining-
I haven't gotten a magazine or a netflix in a month and a half.


This week has been a true "trial by fire" week. Hopefully, the worst is over.

What am I thankful for, you ask? Well, I am thankful in Germany it is perfectly acceptable to start drinking before noon.

Can I get a Amen?


Allison said...

Ahh...good times. Drink up, girl!

Laura said...

I'm laughing at your expense! I guess thank goodness for internet shopping.

Cairo Typ0 said...

Have a drink or two and order out for dinner. **hugs**

Happy thanksgiving. :)

Erin said...

Here, here for drinking before noon!! Hope the weekend is better than this week was!

Andrea said...

I am partaking in the Gluhwein as I type...ahhhhh.....

Sorry that your week has been so challenging.

I heard a girl mention at MOPS (that is where I thought I had seen you while I was at the PO) that she volunteers there and they put out mags and catalogs AFTER they get all of the parcels sorted. can imagine where your magazines are waiting. And that you will get all of them AT THE SAME TIME. I am waiting for my "Real Simple". Funnily, the Eddie Bauer catalog made it-grrr.

My husband and I had discussed several names before my daughter was born, but I guess he seized the opportunity while I was "resting". Lesson learned-be very specific :).

I hope the rest of the evening goes well! You are brave to attempt to cook in these small ovens!

d.a.r. said...

Sounds like some wine is in order!!!

Sorry you have had a rotten week :(

Betty said...

:) But happy Thanksgiving...anyway!

Mother's Day said...


Hang in there... you'll find some good in all this.

Solar Powered said...

love your blog...funny of these days you will look back and laugh

Via said...

Hehe. That's amazing. Snow=evil on the roads (especially if you are driving on the left side).

Enjoy your drinking! And your beans :D

SondreLyn said...

Amen on the drinking! Can I join you?

I could use one myself right now! My parents brought their dog and what do you know, she is really badly behaved! My mom was using my laptop, left it hanging halfway off the endtable, dog knocked it off! Oh wait, doesn't that mean my MOM is BADLY BEHAVED! Aaargghhh... And the dog is digging up my backyard... nice... but it can't be my parents' dog doing this... because she never digs... must be my dog... yeah right...

Sorry about the car, I feel your pain. I am not crazy about driving in the snow, either. But, I hate being trapped at home more... Funny about the bathroom door... ughhh...

I love your blog!