Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rome Part One

Our flight to Rome was at the butt crack of dawn. Seriously. (Yes Mom, I said butt.) So we got up at O' Dark thirty and headed to the airport. Once we got in line we saw our friends Eric and Jodi from church! They were heading to Rome before he deploys. We chatted with them, and made plans to meet up that evening.

We arrived in Rome in the early morning on Sunday. Our shuttle driver was very nice, but the Italians are CRAZY drivers! And I mean CRAZY! I feared for my life at several points. There are no lanes in the roads. They are either one way or two way, as many mopeds and cars as you can fit across. After we checked into our hotel we headed to the Colosseum. Since I am totally freaked about public transport with the prospect of gyspy thieves, we walk. On the way we saw a church and decided to stop in. Beautiful!

Plus, it happen to contain pieces from the manger of Jesus.

We stopped for some Gelato and saw a view that told us we were close...

We made it to the Colosseum and checked out the interior as well. Jordan loves Gladiator, so of course he was excited. Rick Steves has free Audio Tours on his website, which gave us some good info. (Once we made it past all the crazies selling Prada and the dressed up "Gladiators" of course.)

It's pretty crazy how old everything we saw in Rome is, and in such good condition. With Germany being hit so hard by WWII, a great deal of their history was destroyed. However, Hitler declared Rome a cultural site, so it remained largely untouched.

Then it was on to Palantine Hill and the Roman Forum, the site of the homes, businesses, and temples of the emperors.

There was just so much to see! This place, a monument and palace, was one of our favorites.

Trajan's column was also a favorite.

Later, it was time for the Mamertine prison, where Peter and Paul were both held at one time. The place where Peter was chained was still in the prison. The upside down cross is for Peter's martyrdom, not an anti-Christian symbol. Just so you know, before you send me hate mail.

After the prison we headed to St Peter in Chains church, which holds the chains from Peter's imprisonment both in Rome and in Jerusalem. It also held Moses by Michelangelo.

Then it was time for a Siesta! But not for long, after an hour we were headed for the Pantheon, and to dinner with our friends.

After dinner may have been my favorite part though. There really are no words to describe the beauty of the Trevi Fountain at night. Breathtaking.

Beauty and history. Incredible. The Biblical aspect was especially interesting to us. It really made the stories come alive.

The rest of the trip is still to come. Pictures and info first, funny stories later. For now, I must get some sleep. Getting in at 2:30 and getting up for work at 6 isn't what I consider good fun.


Allison said...

Great pictures :) And yeah, the driving there...nuts! Our taxi driver actually rear-ended another on the way to our hotel from the airport. I'm surprised we made it in one piece!

Shea said...

Beautiful pictures!

The Rest is Still Unwritten said...

Gorgeous pictures! Glad you guys had a great time and are home safely. Can't wait to see the rest! Miss you! :)

New Girl on Post said...

Gorgeous, just gorgeous! I'm frightened of driving in Italy...I'm not sure I want to. I cannot wait to see Rome though, especially after these pictures.

Laura Hale said...

Amazing! The Biblical parts would be the most awe inspiring to see for me to- to know that Jesus walked in the same places. Cool!

Oh, is that your Target coat?

Tara @ Living A Dream said...

Loved all of your pictures! It looks like you guys had a fabulous time in Rome. That is really cool that you got to meet some friends for supper. I bet the Biblical aspect was very interesting! I can't wait to see the rest of your trip!

Leslie said...

Oh wow! Just amazing pictures, you are so lucky. I would have been scared too. I know what you mean about the crazy drivers, they kind of drive crazy down here too. As many cars as they can jam together. Not fun.

Andrea said...

Beautiful! My husband and I have been to Venice, but Rome is on the wish list. I live in Germany also, and I thought I made a comment somewhere on your blog....but I can't find it :(. Maybe the word verification wasn't correct and I got impatient.

My husband is AF at Ramstein and we've been here a little over a year. We have been overseas for over nine years now (eight years in the UK! :)

Just wanted to say hello and not be a stalker! :) tschüss!

Rochelle said...

I loved the Trevi fountain! So beautiful!