Friday, October 17, 2008

Patmos and Mykonos

After Sicily and a day at sea it was finally time for our first stop in Greece! I was so excited! The first part of the day was spent in Patmos, and the second in Mykonos. It was nice to have a nap and lunch in between.

Patmos is most famous because John lived out his life on the island. (You know- like Matthew, Mark, Luke, and JOHN. Yeah, THE John.) On the island we were able to walk up to the cave where he lived and dictated the book of Revelations to his apprentice (he was blind by that time).

We also made a trip to the Monastery of St. John, which is dedicated to him. (It was never used by him though.)

Of course, there was plenty of time to just enjoy the scenery as well.

Did I mention our cruise was Costa? I don't think so. Anyways, Costa is an Italian cruise line, owned by the same company that owns Carnival, Princess, and Holland America cruise line also. Our ship was called the Romantica. It was fairly nice, although I have heard it was considered small compared to other ships. The only thing I didn't like was the crazy Italians! They don't line up when they drive, and they don't line up when they walk. You literally had to shove old people and children out of the way, or be trampled yourself. Thank goodness there was no need to use lifeboats. I'd be squished under 100 pairs of fancy leather shoes.

Back to the trip...

After Patmos and the break, came Mykonos. Mykonos is known as the Cancun of Greece. Nice beaches and great places to hang out. Since we were only there in the evening, I really didn't get any good pictures.

We had a nice dinner and did some shopping.

One thing we were very glad about is that we only booked one excursion (Ephesus, Turkey isn't a place we wanted to do on our own. I mean their neighbors are Georgia, Iraq, Iran, and Syria. Dang.) The excursions are very pricey. If you feel at all comfortable doing things on your own, you can easily see all the same things (and more) and around 1/4 of the price. Plus- you see them without all the old people.

The next day we were off to another continent- Asia! Izmir, Turkey with a trip to Ephesus took up the entire 5th day.

Did I mention I gained 10 pounds on the cruise? 10. 1-0. Holy crap. Can someone give a sista the flu?


The Rest is Still Unwritten said...

So it's official. I'm asking Bobby to join the military.

Laura Hale said...

10 pounds?! You fatty! Better not eat the giant bag of candy I mailed :)

Why did you always wear dresses/skirts on the trip?