Thursday, October 16, 2008

Catania, Sicily

And I thought the driving in Rome was bad! Sicily didn't have any road signs. None. No stop lights, yield signs, nothing. I saw stop painted on the ground at a major intersection, and that was it. Ahhhhh!

Nothing too spectacular in Catania itself. It is located at the base of Mt. Etna and is one of the largest cities in Sicily. Plus, it's home to the Mafia. I tried to find some members, but no one would admit to it. Plus, no one even said stuff like "say hello to my little friend." Can you believe it?!?!

My favorite memory from Catania was getting back on the boat, going to the hot tub, and relaxing while the sun was setting. Watching the sun go down next to Mt. Etna was just gorgeous.

Here are some pictures...

PS- Do you like my hat? I was trying to look very Mafia like.

The next day was on the boat, so here is a little of life on the boat throughout the week...

Our room.

Jordan entered a ping-pong tournament and won! The whole thing! He even beat a Japanese dude. He got a gold medal, and best of all, an Italian man kiss.

Formal Night.

Our dinner buddies.

Us waiting for the show to start.

Me on the boat *Please notice the rainbow. Perfection, people. Perfection.

And just in case you are feeling too jealous, please remember that I am back in Germany. Where it is cold. And rainy. EVERY DAY UNTIL MAY. Ugh.


The Rest is Still Unwritten said...

Love the hat, very Mafia-wife.

Leslie said...

rofl about that man kiss. I swear he looks like he might want to deck him in that picture rather than wanting to be accepting of it. lol!! Love your hat too, btw. Looks good on you!

Allison said...

Beautiful!! And I hate Germany right now. Well, I hate Germany every winter...but it's not even winter yet and it is already disgusting!!! I need to go on a cruise for the next 6 months.

JohnsonFamily said...

Ok, so I laughed OUT LOUD when I saw the picture of the man trying to kiss Jordan! HA! I am sure he just LOVED that. Tell Jordan hello for me and that I laughed at his awkward moment (and I might share the post with all the BACS people I am still in touch with so they can get a good laugh as well)....When in Rome, right....he should have just experienced the culture! HAHAHAHA.

Looks like y'all had a great time!

Erin said...

Nope, still VERY jealous!!!

Lulu said...

Your trip looks absolutley AMAZING and I want to plan a trip for me and my husband JUST LIKE yours!!

No more stalking...I will now say hello!!