Sunday, July 6, 2008

Good Weather, Good Wine

So the weather here has been pretty nice. It was very hot one day, cool the next, but it seems to have settled. I took some pics of our town in the lovely sunshine.

Friday Jane and I headed to the freedom/4th of July fest on base. It was pretty cool, nothing amazing, but we both enjoyed being out and about. Saturday I just got things done around the house, but today, Krystal and I headed out to the International and Wine Festival in Krov.

Krov is located right on the Mosel near Bernkastel-Kues and Traben-Trabach. Each year they hold this festival in early July. It was AWESOME! They have booths and rides set-up on the river. They also had live music playing. Once the band (like orchestra band) was finished, a few of the guys came up to where Krystal and I were eating (Currywurst and Pommes) and started to talk to us, in German. We understand some, but mostly we just giggle and stare blankly. They continue to speak in German. So I say my favorite German phrase- "my German's not very good" (but in German- duh!)! Anyway they talk to us and then speak to each other in German. It's kind of like being at the nail salon. Not cool.

We go to get more wine and a lovely German man buys us a glass. (Yes Mom, I'm drinking again.) We then head up to sightsee and get a spot for the parade. Before the parade we stop to buy a bottle of wine, and the guy (the Wein Gut) is so excited to sell it to us. He only speaks German. We pretend to understand, shake our heads, and say "ya" a lot. It seems to work. He thinks we are from England. We must look VERY German though, because all day people continue to speak to us in German. Sometimes we understand, sometimes we don't. More giggling and answers of "ya" ensue. They could have asked if we liked vampires, and we would have giggled and said "ya!." The Wein Gut gets his friend who speaks English (and owns a fitness club/bar, yes, that's right, fitness and drinking) to talk to us. He pantomimes a lasso when I say I'm from Texas. The other guy still thinks we are from Enlgand.

The good news is everyone is super friendly. All day people are very chatty and sweet. Then it gets better, the parade! During the parade while all the people in traditional dress from different countries are coming down the road, all you have to do is hold your empty wine glass and it will be filled. Wine is way better than cheap half opened candy you have to fight 5 years olds for. Heck yeah!

After the parade we head to the stage with a Nutella crepe to watch some performances. The stage is floating in the river!

After the stage it's time for dinner. We find a great restaurant/hotel/winery to eat at in town. They had great scenery and great food. Everyone was super nice again. Too bad we only understand 1 out of every 3 words of their niceness.

After dinner we headed back to our favorite Wine Gut to purchase a few bottles before we left. He was so excited to see us again! He told his wife we were from England and he knew us. We (Krystal) were able to tell him we lived in Ramstein, and he told the entire place. He liked us. He gave us some great wine at a great price, glasses, pamphelts, and a tour of his cellar. Again, he could have been asking us if we liked to eat dirt, and we would have smiled and said "ya!" with an enthusiastic nod. Between the two of us we managed to do pretty well. Wine makes my German better. :)

Overall we had a wonderful time. I would definitely go back again. The people were so hospitable and welcoming. It was a great low-key fest, wonderful for a day-trip!

Off the subject...this is where I found Reagan today. He was hiding in the (clean) clothes. There will be no judgment about the laundry I need to put away. Please just enjoy the picture like I do. :)

Also, I updated the Picture Trail site. Check it out! (The link is on the right side of this page.)

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Laura said...

You're embarrassing your mother with all that drinking. What, you leave home and start to party and drink like you lived a sheltered life?

Sounds like a neat day. What cool experiences you're getting to have!