Monday, May 5, 2008

The Land of Chocolates, Lace, Beer, and Frit (Fries)

Gardens of some sort. I wasn't listening. Oops!

Since our Prague trip got canceled (AGAIN!), we headed to Brussels, Belgium with the USO. When else in our lives will be be able to go to Belgium for 10 bucks?!?! Our friend Denise, a nurse at the CASF, came with us as well. She will be going back to the states in a few weeks, but luckily, her next station is Aviano (Italy). Hooray! It was fun to get to try out my French. I realize how much German I speak when I was trying to think of French phrases. Most people just start speaking English once they hear my terrible attempt.

The Royal Palace, the King still works here.

Jordan and I looking out over the city.

The main plaza.

For my Busy Bees! I saw this cafe and thought of you guys. I also bought a bag with bees on it. I will try to take a picture soon! I can't believe all of you are almost in 3rd grade!

We went to a lace shop and saw most of the big sites. The weather was prefect! It has been in the 60s and 70s and sunny all week! Outside the lace shop there was a lady passed out with he pants down. That was sort of odd.

In other news, Jordan is getting ready for his trip. Hard to believe he leaves next week! Bowling is going well. This week: 114, 126, 122! We had a great Cinco De Mayo event at the CASF tonight, the patients and staff really enjoyed it! Reagan went to the doctor today. He is now considered husky. We have to cut back on his food. Poor guy.

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