Thursday, May 22, 2008


This weekend I used our Prague travel credit to go to Holland. I have decided I would much rather take the USO bus trips. This companies bus trips stops at 6 different bases on the way, so it took 12 hours to get to Holland! Ugh! We did get to see a lot though. We went to Kuekenhoff for the tulip fest, a cheese factory, and wooden shoe factory, and then to Amsterdam.

Overall the trip didn't turn out so great. 12 hours on a bus next to someone who took up more room than I did (is that a nice way to say it?), cold and rainy weather, me in flip flops then in new shoes and a blister, and dead flowers at Kuekenhoff. All this added to my general dislike for Amsterdam. Oh well, at least it only cost 20 bucks.

I thought the dead plants to the right were a nice touch.

Luckily, they had some beautiful displays inside.

The cheese factory.

Jordan seems to be having a good time in Texas. I am looking forward to joining him in a few weeks!

Our bowling team ended up getting 4th place (out of 12) in our league! Hooray! I almost got a turkey this week too, 2 strikes and a 9! Dang!

I am finished with dance classes, next weekend is our recital! It will feel good to have a little extra time to get things done!

Reagan's friends have been here for a few weeks. I let them meet today. It went pretty well. No hissing! I will keep trying to slowly introduce them so I don't have to keep them separated!

That's all for now. Love you guys! See ya soon!

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