Sunday, April 6, 2008

Germans + Soccer = Good Times

In honor of Katie's last day at the CASF USO, a few of us headed to K-Town for the 1FCK (Red Devils) soccer game. The team is pretty bad, but the fans still come. We got seats in the fan section, which was totally perfect. We stood the whole time, and we had some great Germans next to us to explain the cheers and other game info. It was super fun! Almost as cult-like as an Aggie game too...

This week I take over as manager at the CASF. I am super excited and honored. It is an amazing and rewarding job, and I look forward to seeing our center be the best it can be.

It's snowing again. Today and tomorrow. Yuck. Hopefully we will get a little sun this week. Jordan is at least hoping the weather holds up in Ireland next weekend for his trip.

Lots of good stuff coming up with us. I am leading a tour to Rothenburg, then headed to Garmisch for a conference at the end of this month, and then we are both headed to Prague (hopefully!) the first weekend in May. Jordan will be going to San Antonio for the summer starting in May. After a trip to Baden Baden and dance recital, I will be heading to Texas as well, but only for 2 weeks. :(

Today is my neice Beth's 4th birthday. It's hard to believe she is that old. She is the smartest and cutest kid around. We gave her pink crocs and a shirt. We can't wait to see her wearing them! Happy Birthday Beth!

Wish us luck tonight. We are trying out the grill for the first time. Jordan has been marinating the steaks. :)

Love you guys!

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Laura said...

Good to see you're keeping yourself busy. Hard to believe that little girl is 4! She loves her crocs.